Everyone knows it’s Sandy

Who’s in the news instead of Mitt Romney?
Who’s the big story on CNN?
Who’s scaring people more than Obama?
Everyone knows it’s Sandy

Who’s heading west now from the Atlantic?
Raising the winds for miles around
Forcing us into cleaning the gutters
Everyone knows it’s Sandy.

And Sandy has rains that pour
And rivers that overflow
With possibly even snow
Upon the ground (upon the ground…upon the ground)
Who’s gonna make you talk to your neighbors?
Probably for the very first time?
Who’ll make you wish you’d bought more insurance?
Everyone knows it’s Sandy.

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About Maddy Groves

Maddy Groves (host, webmaster and podcast producer) Is a singer, songwriter, editor, writer & publicist. She majored in history in college & worked on Capitol Hill for over 15 years.
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