Podcast episode #6 Helping to Heal the Workplace: Melissa Kessler Talks about the Field of Organization Development

Melissa Kessler discusses her master's program and residency in organization development

Melissa Kessler discusses her master’s program and residency in organization development

Podcast Episode #6 – Melissa Kessler talks about Organization Development

Have you ever had a job that felt like a dysfunctional family?

Have ever you wondered what you could accomplish at work if all of the smart and talented people around you could communicate and get along with one another?

There is a discipline within the broad field of workplace consulting called organization development (OD) that has been around since the postwar era with roots that go back even further. OD consultants look at the organization from many different angles – interpersonal, structural, intercultural and even unconscious – in order to help the organization get out of its own way.

My guest, Melissa George Kessler, is a student in American University’s master’s program in OD, and she is preparing to graduate in just a few weeks. She sat down with me to discuss the program a trip to South Africa during which she and fellow students got to practice their OD chops on an actual client.

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