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Maddy Groves (host, webmaster and podcast producer) Is a singer, songwriter, editor, writer & publicist. She majored in history in college & worked on Capitol Hill for over 15 years.

Defending Elisabeth Hasselbeck just this once: Listen and decide for yourself

By now you’ve probably seen articles and posts about this interview in which Dr. Anthony Fauci of the CDC supposedly “schools” Elisabeth Hasselbeck for asking what we are to assume are ignorant questions intended to gin up the general level … Continue reading

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Not the Onion: turns White House security breach into bizarre “angry first lady” story

Imagine that while you are out of town, a gunman shoots into a window of your house with your children and mother at home and the “news” about the shooting is the fact that you are angry that it happened … Continue reading

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Sheldon Whitehouse speaking truth to stupid on climate change

Whitehouse knocks it out of the park rebutting Infhofe’s claim that government agencies are “colluding” with the president in warning that there is climate change: If you want to ignore the federal government, if you live in a world in … Continue reading

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Mediaite Misfires Trying to Create Fake Outrage over Chris Matthews’s Obama Quote

Update, 4:50 p.m. The Mediaite post referenced below has been taken down. But it’s already out there on YouTube. This is what the original article said: Earlier today, Mediaite posted a story on the 50th anniversary of the 1963 … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode #7 – Maryland Delegate Heather Mizeur


Delegate Heather Mizeur talks about being an out lesbian and champion for marriage equality in the Maryland General Assembly, reconciling her sexual orientation and politics with her Catholic faith, and eyeing a run for governor.

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Podcast episode #6 Helping to Heal the Workplace: Melissa Kessler Talks about the Field of Organization Development


Podcast Episode #6 – Melissa Kessler talks about Organization Development Have you ever had a job that felt like a dysfunctional family? Have ever you wondered what you could accomplish at work if all of the smart and talented people … Continue reading

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Maddow calls out ABC News over Benghazi lies: “You have to fix this”

Rachel Maddow, pointing her finger and looking directly into the camera, challenged her peers at ABC News to say who in Congress peddled fake emails with false information on the White House role in the Benghazi “talking points” controversy. ‚ÄúSomeone … Continue reading

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Why I hate the term “Conspiracy Theorist”

I am disappointed in Rachel Maddow and her guest tonight, Alice Hoagland, the mother of Mark Bingham, who was killed on Flight 93 on 9-11-2001, for using the term “conspiracy theorist” and for labeling people who hold to such theories … Continue reading

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Two intellectuals have a rational discussion about pornography

Why can’t more talk radio and talk television be like this? Like Jian Ghomeshi of CBC, David Pakman pushes the conversation to a new level by being polite and persistent. It doesn’t hurt to have an articulate guest who’s equally … Continue reading

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Two conservatives have a rational discussion on same-sex marriage

One of the aims of this website is to improve the conversation by focusing on the way in which we discuss the issues, and nothing makes me happier than watching a conversation like this. In this video two conservatives on … Continue reading

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