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Two intellectuals have a rational discussion about pornography

Why can’t more talk radio and talk television be like this? Like Jian Ghomeshi of CBC, David Pakman pushes the conversation to a new level by being polite and persistent. It doesn’t hurt to have an articulate guest who’s equally … Continue reading

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Gateway Women: “I may not be a mother, but I’m still a person.”

Source: google.com.au via Jody on Pinterest   Julia Child, Betty White, Helen Mirren, Amy Tan, Angela Merkel, Sonia Sotomayor, Gloria Gaynor, Janeane Garofalo – what do they have in common? Gateway Women is a site for and about women who … Continue reading

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“I’m not a feminist”

This article in Salon is about the trend for women in public life to identify as “not a feminist.” This has led to much controversy, including a feud between Naomi Wolf and Katy Perry. This might be one of those … Continue reading

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Sam Landymore on gender transition


Sam Landymore is a singer, songwriter and vlogger from Alexandria, Virginia and currently living in Indianapolis, IN. He talked with me in May 2011 about his transition from female to male. *Please note – The audio for this episode is compressed … Continue reading

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